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Vocations and Discernment

When discerning a vocation, we hope you consider the American Old Catholic Church for your spiritual and ministy needs.

Single, married, sister, brother, deacon, or priest, everyone has a role to fill and each of us are called to ministry through our personal examples.


"Preach the Gospel always, and if necessary, use words."

Attributed to Francis of Assisi




Discerning a Vocation typically refers to a process in which a person determines their vocation in a Church. However, today it has a much deeper meaning than just determining one's station in life. True, discerning a vocation most frequently refers to a special vocation such as the priesthood or religious life, but discernment can also refer to marriage or to life as a single person, but it can also speak to one's spritual path and religious preference.


Discerning a call to religious life is a process you should be actively seeking to understand where you fit in the world, but so too, should you stop to listen for God's call and presence in your life?


Ask yourself some or all of the following questions:


Am I being Called...

- to religious life?

- to married or single life?

- to both?


Who is Calling?

- My community?

- My family?

- My own subconscience?

- Is God Calling Me?


Why am I being called?

What are my gifts?

Where am I best suited to serve?

What motives are driving me in my choices?

Where am I resisting God’s invitation?


If you are drawn to ministry and still feel called to married life,

you do not have to choose between the two.


We'd like to hear from you.






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For sensitive information, please use your local Postal Service by using the postal address for the Office of Vocations found below: 


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